Chris Dunnett is a multi-faceted Guitarist, Composer, Song-writer, Producer, Performer and Guitar Teacher 

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Saturday Nov. 5th I will be playing at Main Street Music in Murfreesboro opening for Southern Accents which is a Tom Petty Tribute band. I will go on around 8 and play for about 45 minutes. Come on out!

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Welcome to my newly re-vamped (actually completely re-done) website. Having been making music now for over 30 years and been a fan of it for a bit longer one thing that artists who are still making music do is periodically re-invent themselves. Look at acts like The Rolling Stones, KISS, Aerosmith, Madonna etc... the ones that are still successfully active have gone thru various musical and image related changes over the years. Not putting myself on the same pedestal as these artist but over the years I have been known as an "80's shred guy", Country song-writer, Flamenco World Beat guitarist and a few others, all of which are valid just different facets of genre's I like. With that I have "re-invented" my website to hopefully showcase the musical styles that have molded me over the years into the musician I am...an accumulation of those and others. Rather than trying to be any one of those as a separate entity, I am re-inventing myself as an amalgamation of them all :)